Sunday, March 14, 2010

My First Day of Blogging Blog Candy!!!

Hi everyone! :) I'm very happy because I finally finished fixing my blog.. Although it's just simple, I'm still glad because it worked out! :) So for that, I have a small celebration for the first day of my blogging experience! :) I'll be having a blog candy. You have to simply do 3 things to be able to join in my blog candy:

1. Become a follower of my blog
2. Post my candy on your blog
3. Leave a comment here criticizing my blog and giving me more suggestions on how to improve it! :) That's all! Thanks so much for stopping by!

HINT FOR THE CANDY: 6x6 KIT!!! (I promise to post the picture tomorrow as soon as I take some pictures of it!) Plus! For every 10 followers that sign up on my blog, I will be adding 1 item in the candy! :) This blog candy is open until March 31..


  1. I'm so In!!! Thanks for letting me know about this blog candy!! Hey FYI you need a pic of the candy that you are going to giveaway!! People love to see what they are getting!!


  2. Yup Angela! I'll be posting it tomorrow as soon as I get pics of it! :)

  3. Your blog is chocolate-y yummy! I'll post the blog candy in my sidebar.

  4. Hi jeanna...your blog looks great!
    I will post your blog candy as soon you have a picture from it...and I followed..

    Love to read your blog now..